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Dropping Out is Dropping Your Life A Persuasive Essay High school is a very important part in a young person's life. "But, while national leaders have demanded that schools, communities, and families make a major effort to retain students, the dropout rate remains high." Without an education, one can never reach to their maximum potential. Dropping out of high school is not only immoral; anything less will never look proper on a resume.

Each new generation is an insight to the future. Teachers are the individuals leading those generations in the correct directions. Without the education and guidance from professional, one will struggle as he or she prepares for his or her future. Without an education of some sort, no knowledge will be gained by the person and he or she will never be aware of his or her maximum potential. High school begins a child's life and leads them to adulthood by allowing the students to grow into responsible individuals.

Lack of schooling can only allow those filled with apathy to reach his or her maximum potential.

Dropping out of high school displays a person's immorality. It shows that he or she has not gained responsibility for their life and has only chosen unethical routes. Goals for the future start with the studies of high school and are accomplished with moral decisions to become a successful individual. These goals lead one into the right direction.

Thomason 2 However, it is up to that person to steer themselves into the decent human beings he or she believes they can become. Without healthy moral convictions that an individual learns in high school, he or she could end up in quite a mess. Statistics show that, "dropouts make up nearly half the prison population." This means that more dropouts equals more crime,