Drums Along The Mohawk

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The plot of my story is that this little boy wonders off into the forest. The forest is very dark and damp.He gets found by a Mohawk indian tribe. They take care of him for along time. Then they tell him the truth after about 20 years that they found him wondering around in the forest. He eventually forgives them and realizes they had no other options.

The climax is when he has to go into war at the age of 13. It is a very bloody battle that the Mohawk eventually win. It took a total of 8 days to win though. They gain a lot of respect from winning the battle. Then they all started the long journey back home.

I think the protagonist of the story is John. He is the kid who they found wondering the forest. He is a very upfront kid, he likes to tell people the truth right away.

He always gets into trouble with things around his tribe. I think he is the hero because he always stands tough and never fall back even in the middle of a bloody battle.

The major conflict of the story is between the Mohawk and the South Dakota. I get this from how they always fight and get into battles. I also know this from how when they get to together they always give each other comments that are not necessary. They never got together and smoked the peace pipe. The closest theyever got was when they were battling.

My favorite part of the book was the ending. He got to se his parents again and decides to go back with them. He learns all the stuff he took for granite all over again. He eventually gets used to the things that he used to do like hanging with his friends. He also made a book in the story about his adventures.