Was it due to the fact that South Africa became ungovernable that apartheid ended

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South Africa’s apartheid government which separated its people according to its race finally ended in 1994 when long serving freedom fighter Nelson Mandela was released from prison. After 27 years of imprisonment. Though the causes for the end of apartheid can be brought down to a few factors other than the aforementioned reason the reason as to if the fall of apartheid was inevitable as the country become ungovernable, will be analysed.

With the question posed, wether apartheid ended because the country became ungovernable, implying that all of the internal violence, protest and further resistance from the ANC, UDF and PAC with their leaders is to hard to determine especially if it claims to be the only reason. However along external and economic pressures largely through the use sanctions, boycotts, protests and campaigns around the world, the once infallible white apartheid government ended.

One of the underlying reasons why apartheid in South Africa was the joint contribution of external pressure around the world and the neighbouring countries gaining their independence.

These two factors sparked hope in many black South Africans who were tired of being overpowered.

In 1974 when Portugal withdrew troops from Angola and Mozambique because they could not afford to continue combat the liberation movements which were being aided by the Soviet Union and China. South African troops were also forced to withdraw. This event provided hope for many black Africans as they saw it as a victory of black liberation over white authority. Hope was further aided when Zimbabwe declared their own independence over the white rule. This advancing battle against white minority rule served as fuel for the ANC’s movement as stated in Mandela’s autobiography “A long walk to freedom” as to why they viewed it vital. “The ANC regarded the battle in Zimbabwe as an...