It is the duty of an organization's owner to provide job oppurtunities for the working group or labor.

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Men Rights

Human is the beautiful creation of God on the piece of earth. He (God) creates human from a single soul and divides in nations and tribes so that they become righteous.

Machines are man made. The basic purpose was to provide comforts to human and civilization.

There is no comparison between God's creation and human's creation.

In recent time machines are given preference over human because of various reasons. But without the dedication and problem-solving skills of individuals, even the most sophisticated technological wizardry can be failed. In the most successful organizations it is now a trend to replace human with machines, which is moving towards economical declines. It is creating a lot of problems around the globe but unfortunately people are not realizing it. Organizations are willing to increase there profit margins so they prefer machines instead of human. Once they have installed a machine they will earn for years from it, whereas a man cannot serve enough like a machine.

A parable to understand that man was given his human faculties only to earn his worldly life through machines but here machines are creating problems for many and making money for few people.

While talking about the qualities of a machine we know that it works more then a human, machine can work 24 hours but no man can work as, a single machine can be installed at the place of many workers, it will not ask for salary , extra incentives, motivation, promotion and many more. Once machine is installed it will work through out the life. Normally machines are installed to get life time advantages, that's why organizations spends millions of rupees on the installation of machines but when it cause problem it will also in millions.

It is the responsibility...