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Dylan Thomas was a spectacular poet, who knew how to bring a poem to life by the use of verbal imagery. Through his work, he was able to find solace in a life full of pain and alcoholism.

Dylan Marlais Thomas was born on October 27, 1914 on 5 Cwmodonkin Drive in Swansea, Wales. (Subcult np) Thomas had a small simple family with two parents and one sister. At age 11, he went to Swansea Grammar School. His father worked there as an English teacher. (time np)Thomas and his father had a very close relationship, which helped with Thomas' love of writing. (Neurotic 1) He read most of his time. Mostly he read D.H. Lawrence books. He excelled in Reading and English, but neglected his other subjects. As a result, Thomas dropped out of school by age 16. (Academy np) After dropping out, he got a job as a journalist at the South Wales Evening Post.

One year later, Thomas quit his job and became a freelance writer. (Time np) During this time Thomas went to see many publishers about publishing his poetry. Only one agreed to publish it after losing a game to Thomas. "18 Poems" was a huge success when it was published on November 18, 1934. It got rave reviews from all over Europe. Three years later on July 11, he married Caitlin MacNamara. At the beginning of their marriage everything was perfect, but soon Thomas suspecting Caitlin of cheating. He distrust in her started the downfall of their marriage (neurotic 2). Yet, that did not stop them from having their first of three children. Llewelyn Thomas was born on January 30.1939. In that very same year, Thomas published " The World I Breathe" in America. That was the first of many works published in America.