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Luisa M. Rivera

Carlos Domingo

Mireia Saragossa

October 23, 2014

iPremier Case Study

1. Evaluate the competitive forces against iPremier.

iPremier found in 1996 based out of Seattle; iPremier was an online retailer selling luxury and vintage goods. It becomes a public offering and even though there were problems during the late 90s and early 2000s by 2006 iPremier profits were $2.1 million with sales of $32 million.

The attack that lasted for 75 minutes comes as a surprised to iPremier that kept too much faith in the Qdata's abilities. Not able to control this situation and the lack of vision with regards to threats. Everyone panic at what was happing because there was no crisis management strategy or a disaster plans in case of an attack. Lines of communication got crossed and broken down; the fear grew higher with no defined plan of action.

2. Given your answer to (1), should iPremier disclose to customers the potential breach? Why or why not?

Taking in both the advantages and disadvantages in disclosing the attack to their customers it becomes clear that the best course of action is to disclose to the public the attack.

iPremier does not know if any account information been compromised; however if any accounts information were compromised then iPremier could face substantial lawsuits. This lawsuit would come as an extremely high cost to the company. Best recommendation is to let the customers know that there was an attack and that it does not appear any account information compromised. They should also inform the customers the next plan of action they are going to take to prevent any future attack from reoccurring.

3. If you recommend disclosure of some kind to customers, provide a copy of the letter (statement) you would write to customers and be prepared...