Early America

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Everyday you hear people speaking of our Constitutional rights; but when the Constitution was first written did Americans follow it. The founding father believed in equality. To me equality means that every man and woman has equals rights in society. Americans were supposed to have the freedom of religion. Freedom of religion means to me being able to worship who ever or what ever you want without someone forcing anything else upon you. A strong economy was also on the minds of the founding fathers. I feel that a strong economy means that everyone is benefiting financially as well as living comfortably. Early America seemed to have trouble living up to these three ideals of the fathers.

The people of early America did not treat each other with equality. Africans were by far treated with no rights let alone equality when forced into slavery. Africans would be enchained, dehumanized and forced to work log days for little more that food and shelter.

Africans would be treated as animals and when disobedient would be lashed with whips or even killed. When the people of the south referred to Africans, they referred to them as material property, not as humans. The slaves of South had zero right and equality was not a word they ever heard. The slave owners did not treat Africans with the equality that the founding fathers had idealized. Africans were not the only ones thought of a lower form of life but so were the Native Americans, demonstrated in Indian Relocation. In Indian Relocation, Natives were uprooted from their homes and moved so whites could better "civilize" the land. Natives did not have the privilege of being treated with equality by whites. "All preceding experiments for the improvement of the Indians have failed. It seems now to be...