Early Christian Persecutions.

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My purpose of this article is to depict the tragic experiences and struggles that

these Christian Martyrs suffered through, as well as every detail of the pain they under

went to let others realize the determination and effort that was put towards their Lord.

Also to describe in words, as far as possible, the deepest spiritual experiences of the most

famous Christians of all time.

A Christian martyr is one who chooses death rather than renounce Christ or His

finished work, who endures great suffering for the sake of Christ, or one who makes great

sacrifices for the advancement of the kingdom of Christ.

One thing is to listen to the frightful stories of these Christians in a story book, and

another thing is to be in their shoes and feeling their pain and anguish as well as making

a difficult decision that would determine life or death for them and possibly for their

families or relatives.

Would you be more than willing to die for your Savior the Lord Jesus

Christ, live on this earth with all the worldly things, or be up in Glory Land receiving crowns

among crowns for standing up for Jesus and not being ashamed of suffering for you?

Would you suffer persecution, poverty, and prison for Christ? Would you endure cruel

tortures that take your mind and body to the very brink of death and beyond? Would

you persevere? Would you "hold fast the profession of your faith without wavering"

(Hebrews 10:23)? Would you mind standing bodly and without shame, confess Christ as

your Lord, putting yours and possibly your families lives in jeopardy? Could we, with our

soft and self - serving modern Christianity, follow the early martyrs of such love and

courage for Christ that we would suffer being tortured, mutilated, and...