Early School Days; In my 2nd year of college I pulled this paper out, re-structed it, and re-vised it.

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Early School Days

One time when I was first in school I remember a lady in the office calling

over the school intercom and stated that I needed to report to the main office.

Now this school was quite larger than most schools (three stories and four

buildings to be exact). I got up and was walking out the classroom door with

everyone thinking that I was in serious trouble including myself, I didn't know

exactly what to think but all I knew was I had never been called to the main office

before. I wasn't exactly an honor roll kid but I kept my morals lingering.

As I was closing in on the main office building, I noticed a deputy and a

person I thought to be a counselor standing inside the entrance and pacing back

and forth with a bit of a haste in their step. I crept inside and into this hall of

solitude after swallowing my heart and proceeded past them when the deputy

tackled me! Instinct told me to scream and believe that time, I listened! I

screamed at the top of my lungs and then some.

Faculty members were drawn

to the hallway eyes first, and all phone calls seemed to be put on hold regardless

of their priority. I was causing quite a scene! Then, suddenly, I just shut up as if

someone had actually stolen my vocal abilities. I saw the one and only girl I

actually wanted to talk to since I had moved to this different city (different world

in my childhood); her name was Betsy. She was standing there with long golden

brown hair, her deep blue eyes just filled my heart with love and adoration. She

also carries a smile that would make any breathing being just...