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An Earthquake can be devastating to peoples homes, businesses and can even lead to more vicious natural disasters. An earthquake is caused by two plates sliding past each other, but then the plates get stuck because of friction, but the plate movement continues and then there will be a big build up of pressure which will cause the rock to eventually shatter.

California is known for earthquakes, and that is because California is the home to the San Andreas fault, The San Andreas fault is approximately 1287 kilometers in length and is caused by a strike fault (translation) between the North American plate and the Pacific plate. The San Andreas fault has been the culprit for some major earthquakes, In 1906 a Earthquake happened in San Francisco California which measured 7.8 on the richter scale. This earthquake was devastating to the city, mainly due to fires caused by broken natural gas lines, which could not be put out because all the water mains were broken and firemen had extreme limited resources to work with.

Earthquakes cause more than just fires, they can cause large objects to fall from above, furniture to topple over, can even cause your homes structure to weaken and fall. All of these things could be avoided.

Short term safety procedures people can do themselves to prevent falling objects are to secure them in place with either bolts or strap hinges to prevent large object within your home from moving during an earthquake. But to prepare for an earthquake people must make sure they have some vital supplies, such as a fire extinguisher, flash light, have non perishable food items, have a plan, you just have to ask yourself these questions: Are you and you neighbour's going to help each other?

Does anyone in your family...