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World War 1

The Western Front

Half Reflection

These photos show how World War 1 was over the years. It clearly shows how the conditions, life and the war were very brutal and there was no one who felt sorry for each other. In the Western Front gave a series of trenches that ran 700 kilometres from the Belgian coast to the Swiss border. It is like zigzagging from Melbourne to Canberra that's how long it was. When the ANZACs arrived at the Western Front, I think the first thing they might have seen were the lines of wounded soldiers being taken to the rear. And as they got closer, they could feel the earth shake, and hear the constant of artillery shells just going out. The sound was loud enough to make their ears ring, and later on they got used to the sound as they were hearing it the next few years.

Whereas at Gallipoli most of them were using the machine guns and were shooting the Turkish Soldiers. Then they would return back to their trenches and wait until the next attack is called out.

Each respective war zone had their own weather conditions and combat conditions which made both fronts difficult on the soldiers. Australian troops had to deal with the harsh heat and the sun which would have sunburned most of the light skinned troops which only would add to non-combat related casualties. There was lack of fresh water and lack of proper shelters. Proper hygiene was impossible because that was the least thing that they could care about. The Western front had waterlogged trenches which lead to "trench foot" which was the number one health concern for both allied and axis armies. Lack of fresh water and the general inability to maintain cleanliness...