The Economic Changes in England During Eighteenth Century That Caused The Industrial Revolution

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The first phase of the industrial revolution was a period(1760-1800) when the working conditions changed by going from the domestic system to the factory system. The factory system involves new technologies and an overall growth in the economy. England encouraged radical change in the economy during the 18th century. These economic changes effected the social and industrial aspect of the 18th century English society. There were several reasons why England was the first place where the Industrial Revolution began. First, there were more laborers who could complete the work required efficiently by using the new machinery introduced during this century. (Squitiere) Secondly, England was geographically an ideal location for farming and textiles because many resources were abundant. Transportation was also extremely excisable by traveling in harbors, rivers, and canals. (Squitiere)Thirdly, more people were willing to invest their money in new factories and inventions. Not as many people invested their money in new businesses before the industrial revolution.

However, these people who invested their money in preindustrial times owned businesses such as trading companies and small factories for production of essential goods. Furthermore, this demand for goods helped England's economy by creating new businesses and productivity. (Squitiere) Finally, England's government always supported England's economy; however, the government supported the economy even more once the industrial revolution began. The government created new policies in order to create further economic gain. (Squitiere)The economy changed radically because of the Industrial Revolution in eighteenth century England. The Industrial Revolution resulted in many changes in England's economy socially and industrially.

The Domestic System was the way people expressed their working abilities during the earlier part of the eighteenth century. The Domestic System is noted for certain characteristics.

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People worked in their villages, making essential goods so they could survive. Because there was not as...