Economic Parasite: Debt

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Mrs. Williams

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September 19, 2014

Economic Parasite: Debt

Debt is a Parasite which drains people of their resources causing a shift in society. It feeds on the fear, anxiety, and impulsiveness of people to grow and destroy people's lives.

Debt grows in a variety of ways. The two most abundant forms of debt are credit card debt and student loan debt. These two forms of debt are the most vicious forms of debt currently attacking the young adults of America today.

Credit card debt is the forbidden fruit, it's there right in front of you, attaining it is easy and possibly fun along the way, but once you take that first bite you are stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of sadness, anxiety, fear, confusion, and suffering. Credit cards are practically universally accepted in every establishment in the United States that means that just about everything under the sun is available to you, and all you got to do to have it all is swipe that little piece of plastic.

Ironically doing so can be tantamount to selling your life away without you knowing it. Using credit cards has a different feel to it than using cash. When you use a credit card, you take it out, you swipe it, you put it back and you don't feel any different before or after the transaction, it's as if you did nothing and got what you wanted all at the same time. However when you use cash, you take it out ,you hand it over to the cashier, they put it into their register as if to say "This is ours now", you get your change and you go on your way. But now your wallet is lighter, emptier, and your mind notices. When people use cash they...