"Economic Situation in Poland"

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My friend, Andrew Szczepanek, came to the United States from Poland in 2000 as a graduated medical doctor. He wanted to continue his education as a resident in one of the Illinois hospitals and became an anesthesiologist. He and thousand others Polish people are leaving their country. Why did Andrew come to the United States after he had already graduated with the requisite qualifications to practice medicine in Poland? I talked to Andrew about the reasons which led him to leave Poland. He said that he left his country because of the bad economic situation. His situation is not unique. This same reason is used almost by every immigrated person. According to Newsweek 19 % of the Polish society is unemployed; 24% of the unemployed population have college degrees, and even those college educated people in Poland who are lucky enough to get jobs usually only are hired in low paying positions.

Poland needed some changes to improve the economic situation.

Poland never really has had a good economic situation. Since Polish history dates back Poland was always under the oppression of others counties. Finally, when the political system got changed from Communism to Solidarity in 1989, most people believed that the economic situation would improve. Instead, it got worse. During communism time almost every resident of Poland had a job and money but really could not buy anything because the stores were empty. When the stores got supplies for sales, long lines of people were waiting to buy it. On the other hand, after the change in government, market of goods and merchandise got better but people did not have money to buy anything. The solution to improve the Polish economic situation was only one: accession to the European Union. Access to the European Union would give Polish society...