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What does the future hold? That is the question that millions of Americans want to know. What would we do if we knew the answer? Economists today use indicators such as: Unemployment, Business trends, Taxes, Immigration, and Real estate. By using these indicators we will predict the economy for the next 18 months.

The Republicans and the Democrats already have their shoes on and started the race for the White House. President Bush is the front-runner for the Republican Party competing against the new Democrat candidates.

Each candidate has demonstrated a strong capacity to be the next leader of our beautiful country. Democrat, Dr. Dean Howard, former Governor of Vermont said "This campaign is about building community and giving people a reason to vote again." Dr. Dean also said in his statement "This current administration has ignored issues important to urban America, has failed to stimulate the economy, and has divided us by race with words and actions."

Kornblut & Johnson, (Sept. 10, 2003, pg. A.8) Newspaper, Pittsburg Post.

I believe the candidate who will be elected for the White House in November 2004 Presidential election will have to come with some key questions and answers on the table about the cause that lead the country to this critical conditions where it is now. Retired General Wesley Clark from Little Rock, launched his Presidential campaign on Sept. 17, 2003 with a broad attack on President George W. Bush, whom he blamed for lost jobs, the nation shattered sense of security, and threats to civil liberties. Mr. Clark asked the following questions: "Why has America lost the prospect of a $5-trillion surplus and turned it into a $5-trillion deficit that deepens every day?" Why has our county lost our sense of security and feels of fear? Why has America...