Economics of Zimbabwe (Pro's/Con's); Good Background of country/culture, sources included.

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Economics - 5

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Zimbabwe is located in the southern, sub-Saharan region of the African continent, landlocked between its more-often-than-not-friendly border countries, Mozambique and Botswana (in Zimbabwe's East to West respectively) and of course its neighbors' on its direct north and southwest, Zambia and South Africa. (9) The country, beautiful indeed, was once home to the legendary queen and to the king's second home; the Queen of Sheba and the great King Solomon who expanded onto this country for its mines. (8) This country excites all aspects of the world to show up at its front doors just like the kings and all kinds of races from all around the world to view its most attractive feature. (8) This is now-a-days is a positive and economical benefit, but during the Imperial Age, clearly, this was not the case at all.

(8) Obviously, it was not a good time for Zimbabweans because they were treated as inferiors or second-class citizens to the white rulers which were coincidently only the minority. (8) But nonetheless, they overcame this disgraceful period, and after many bloody struggles and farm-land droughts, is still one of the richest countries on the continent. (1)

The country inhabits the large net-area of 391,761 of square kilometers (or 150, 873 square miles), which to get the idea, takes up the same space as the state of California. (8) This large area is a home to a Zimbabwe's growing population and even better, an inspiring economy. (8) Also, home to gorgeous scenery and some of the world's largest concentration of wild elephants in the world, this is certainly a great tourist spot. (4) Another great motive for the frequent...