Edgar Allan Poe; brief description of his life, abilities and writing style, The Tell-Tale Heart

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The modern short story is attributed to three main authors: Edgar Allan Poe, Guy de Maupassant, and Anton Chekhov. Each of these authors offered something different to the period, not only in a literary sense but also in a cultural sense. This happened because each came from a different country: Poe from U.S., Maupassant from France, and Chekhov from Russia. Although all three helped, Poe was the real originator.

Poe was born in Boston and his parents were traveling actors. From the very beginning, he admitted he was different than the world around him. After his father abandoned him, his mother died of tuberculosis and he was taken in by the Allan family. Mrs. Allan then died of tuberculosis and Mr. Allan disowned him. Poe then married his young cousin who had also contracted tuberculosis and had also died of the terrible disease. He became passionate to connecting with the afterlife because of the early losses he experienced.

Poe, a Romantic author, is considered the father of the modern short story. He made sure that every word somehow contributed to the story and that the story be as short as possible. He had the great ability to create moods, atmospheres, and unforgettable images. Surrealism, symbolism, romanticism, and exposition are the four main styles that Poe is known for using.

The Tell-Tale Heart, written in 1843, is so well written that it almost scares you, because it nearly puts you in the story. Poe's use of exposition is obvious and what's better is that the story doesn't drag. It holds themes of overwhelming guilt and obsession which is used to build a sense of urgency. He asserted control through the death of the old man as he was unable to do in his own life. A great story, early...