Edgar Allan Poe's Life

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Poe's alcoholism, the cause of his death.

Throughout Edgar Allan Poe's life, there were many sad circumstances that caused his sudden death. According to different sources based on his life such as Outline of Poe's Life & Works, The Work of Edgar Allan Poe(1809-1849), Biography of Edgar Allan Poe and Edgar Allan Poe Brochure, Poe had a short and bohemia life mostly surrounded by unhappy events. In fact other incidents such as his broken off engagement to his first love, the diverse economic problems, the absence of success in his career and finally his wife's death originated Poe's easy falling to alcoholism and therefore causing the death to a great poet and writer.

First of all, the disillusion of breaking off Poe's engagement to Elmira Royste in 1825 was the beginning of his alcoholism. The opposition by both families, his and Emilia's family against this relationship, influenced significantly to break off the engagement between the couple.

This event made Poe start drinking and the beginning of a depressing life.

Secondly, Poe's life was always full of economic failures. Most of his life, he suffered economically. Since the moment that he started drinking. Poe changed totally, gambling during he was studying until he got debts for amounts that were impossible to pay. All of this ended with the withdrawal of John Allan's support (adoption father). After that, Poe realized that he could not pay his debts and decided to quick his studies. These events caused that he tends more closely to alcohol.

Thirdly, the absence of success in his career contributed to his alcoholism problem. Even though he was considered a good poet, he could not earn enough money to live and support his alcoholism. So he turned to journalism, being hired by some journals in Richmond and Virginia Clemm about...