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The aspect this education paper is referring to is the education of youth. The public school systems around the United States, especially in Florida are awful. The school systems for the most part just want more and more money and since the government doesn't give them what they want the school system just cuts back on whatever they think is expendable. Besides the money issue, schools are letting people become teachers that are not even close to qualified for a position of such responsibilities. One more thing is how a substitute teacher doesn't need any experience in the field they are subbing for and all one needs to be a substitute is a high school diploma, meaning these substitutes probably have no more knowledge then the high school kids they are teaching. I realize the people in charge of the educational system should have more knowledge then I am and be smarter then I am, but they might lack the common sense or not see what harm they are doing because they aren't children any more.

If these people in charge of all these children and young adults futures would see what they are doing thru our eyes everyone would be better off. The whole curriculum needs a "face lift" to make it work more efficiently, even though it is not as bad as some make it seem. Ways to fix it could be have meetings with the parents but also during these meetings the parents should actually deicide not just sit and listen and try to complain and never get anywhere with the complaints they make. Education needs to be more in the hands of the parents and less in the hands of the school board.