Education as an economical issue

Essay by kimiajoon November 2004

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MY POSITION: In the first look, education seems to be a social issue, but in my point of view

there are many economical issues that are hidden. Many parents do not want to send their

children to school because of some financial problems. Either both parents work at the same time

that they cannot take their child to school and also the bus school is not available to the distance

which they live.

On the other hand, there may be many parents who cannot afford to buy many

supplements which their child needs in school. In my opinion there should be a government aid to

all the parents that have these problems. Kerry also agrees with me and asserts, " Providing

student loan loans for college kids is an ethical issue" (

DEMOCRATIC PARTY POSITION: Wesley Clark on Education claims that education includes

job transitioning for adults (Sep 18). Increase teacher training & teacher pay (Jun 17).

Howard Dean on Education said that Bush's "No Child Left Behind" is an unfunded mandate

(May 17). John Edwards on Education quotes "Two school systems: one for the have's, one for

have-not's" (Sep 4).Free first year of college for all willing to work for it (Jun 17). (