Edward Jenner

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Edward Jenner was born on May 17, 1749, in Berkeley, Gloucestershire, England. He was the eighth child out of nine children in his family. His father was a reverend, but unfortunately by the time he was five years old both his parents had died. After that his biggest sister Mary was then who took care of him. Jenner with only fourteen years old, he went to a school in Wotton-under-Edge and Cirencester where here Jenner started studying and learning to be a surgeon, with Mr. Daniel Ludlow a surgeon. He profit from this greatly as a young boy. Then at the age of 21 in 1770 he moved to London. There he finishes his medical training with a great surgeon and experimentalist named John Hunter. Hunter was the ideal inspiration for Jenner, with his critical mind, his great interest in biology, powers of observation, and interest in and skill for scientific experimentation and investigation.

Jenner and hunter formed a lasting friendship, even though in 1773 Jenner returned to Berkeley in order to begin his own medical practice.

After the three years finishing his studies in London he went back to Berkeley, Gloucestershire, to begin his own medical office and there practice his as a practitioner and surgeon. Back at home was when he started more observation about smallpox. Jenner continued to experiment with cowpox. In 1796 Jenner vaccinate a healthy 8-year-old boy, James Phipps, with cowpox. Then he exposed the child to smallpox, but the boy did not get the disease. This proved that his observation were right. Though by that time the medical fields would not summit his theory. He didn't stop, and went to London to try, but they too wouldn't summit the vaccination. Until a London physician revived interest in Jenner's theory. The medical world was finally...