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This bittersweet comedy about love, hate and innocence touched me deeply and amused me as well. Directed by Tim Burton, "Edward Scissor hands" is a story of a man, Edward (played by Johnny Depp) who is created by an old inventor who dies before he gives the finishing touches to his creation....Due to his death, Edward his only half finished ie. He has no hands. Instead of two normal hands, he has scissors in their place. After the death of his inventor, Edward lives in the old mansion where he was created. After living a solitary life for a long time, Peg, an Avon salesperson finds him and takes him home to her house in a suburban town......Here, he meets Peg's daughter, Kim who he instantly falls in love with. This movie is all about how Edward and Kim unite against the will of Kim's boyfriend, Jim who hates Edward and about how Edward is first accepted into the suburban town by the gossiping neighbors and then shunned from it.

The story also includes Edward's humorous behavior as he tries to "fit in" the suburban town.

This movie is very interesting as well as humorous. The movie's success in my opinion is based upon the fact that the viewers can relate to the main character, Edward as many people feel like a fish out of water when they enter a new place that they aren't used to and they have to adjust to the lifestyle of the people who are used to the particular lifestyle. This movie is an amazing portrayal of human emotion as compared to other movies in its category. For example : E.T (Extra Terrestrial).

Another aspect of this movie that made me enjoy it thoroughly was the amazing acting...