The Effect Of Color On Wild Brassica Plants

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The Effect of Colored Covering on the Growth of Wild Brassica Plants The purpose of this project was to determine if different colored lighting had an effect on the growth of the wild type of Rapid-cycling Brassica plant. Rapid-cycling plants were used in this study because their lifespan is relatively short. These plants can complete their entire life cycle from seed to seed in 35 days (Morgan and Carter, 1999). This enabled a finding to the question posed quickly. The hypothesis was that the control plants (those under a clear covering) would have the greatest growth. It was predicted that the plants under different colored covering would not grow as much as those in the clear.

Methods In order to determine effects on growth under different colored lighting, eight of the wild type RCB's were used. It was decided that growth of the plants would be measured by how tall they grew, how many leaves and also if there was flowering.

All of the plants were measured and leaves were counted before they were divided into groups of two then labeled A or B. Next the plants were placed in categories for what color treatment they were to receive. The three color treatments were red, green, blue and then clear covering which was the control. The plants were placed in an open grassy area, in 2 rows one with group A and one with group B plants. Covering of the plants was with the end of a cut plastic 2-liter bottle with the different colors of cellophane wrapped around the outside to alter the lighting the plants received. The ends of the plastic bottles were held up with metal stakes this way each plant was completely covered with which ever color they were under. For one week the plants were...