Effect of IT on individuals at home and work

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While there are many philosophical, technological, social, and other differences between the society and those of our own, there are many people today who believe that humankind is threatened by the evolution of technology. In contrast, we recognize that computers and technology are essential to maintaining and supporting our culture as we know it. We are in a symbiotic relationship with technology. We must be aware of its effect on individuals and as members of organizations, and society. However information technology has also raised a multitude of negative issues ranging from illegal copying of software programs to planned surveillance of employee's electronic mail files. Health and safety issues are also of major concern of the impact of IT on employment levels, and the quality of life. In this essay, I will try to describe the effect of IT on individual at home and work.

First, IT would reduce job satisfaction in the working world. People would feel they are not so valuable because they cannot do something important. Although many jobs may become substantially more "enriched" with IT, other jobs may become more routine and less satisfying. For example, when there is a prediction that computer based information systems would reduce managerial discretion in decision making, this will thus create dissatisfied managers. They would feel their role and participation in the working world is less valuable because the system can do the same thing, even produce a better result.

Second, IT could also cause dehumanization to people. A frequent criticism of traditional data processing systems is their negative effects on people's individuality. Such systems are critized as being impersonal; they dehumanize and depersonalize activities that have been computerized In fact, all that things are incorrect. Many people feel they are...