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ICT and Employment has basically five categories: Unemployment, New opportunities, New jobs, Robotics and Tele working.

Unemployment is very useful. Instead of asking people to do things by hand the computer can do it. Probably faster and it is cheaper. For example if a you want to start a business and you want somebody to calculate the income of the company. It will be much cheaper if a computer could do it than a normal human. First of all you don't have to pay for their salary. If you use ICT you have to use a computer which is a much cheaper deal and better.

ICT also brings new opportunities to people. It's a better way to expand a business. People can advertise through the internet and it's a better communication for all of us.

ICT brings new jobs such as jobs like webmaster. When a company wants to advertise a product they need a webmaster.

ICT brings jobs like people making games and then selling them. ICT also brings jobs like people making software and then selling them. There are also jobs like a computer administrator which is a person who maintains the computer. This is necessary because the computer gets problems often and someone needs to fix it. There are also jobs like people who teach ICT to other people. Overall ICT has brought a lot of new jobs to the world and hopefully there is more to come towards us.

Robots are used in factories. They are very useful instead of a human doing all these jobs a robots take over. This make life easier and a lot faster. This is also a safer way to do things.

Tele working is a catch all term describing any way of working at a distance using a combination of...