How effective is the role played by military deterrence in preventing international conflicts? Explain your answer.

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Military deterrence refers to a country’s military strength that will make a potential enemy think twice before attacking it since both sides will suffer great losses. The role played by the military deterrence in preventing international conflicts is effective. Military deterrence includes citizen-armed forces. The Japanese Occupation and the 1964 race riots have taught Singaporeans the importance of establishing its own defence force. Singapore knows that it cannot depend totally on external help. It must be militarily self-reliant and be ready to defend itself anytime. In 1967, National Service was introduced. All 18-year-old-able-bodied male citizens were trained. Through National Service, Singaporeans learn the importance of defending their country. Refresher training ensures that the Singapore army are ready to defend Singapore at anytime. Being so, Singapore became strong enough to hurt an enemy badly and make them think twice before attacking. From 1965-1982, Singapore concentrated on military defence. In the next 2 years, Civil and Total Defence became part of the defence policy.

Total Defence is also very effective as it ensures the whole population to be prepared at all times. Other countries would find it costly attacking Singapore because Singapore consists of Psychological Defence, Economic Defence, Social Defence, Cvil Defence and Military Defence.

Singapore actively fosters friendly ties with armed forces of other countries. Singapore co-operates with other countries to further the skills of Singapore’s armed forces and to enlist help from other countries in case of trouble. Singapore participates in bilateral exercises conducted with armed forces of some ASEAN countries. These exercises increase co-operation and strengthen ties among participating countries to prevent international conflicts. In addition, Singapore also participates in various multilateral defence exercises. Such defence exercises preserves peace in the region.

In conclusion, military deterrence in preventing international conflicts is effective to a large extent. Countries are...