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Socrates' Moral Decision

ife. He had enjoyed the privileges of a civilized society, and that he hadbeen treated as any other citizen would have come to expect. Now that the lawsdidn't suit him, was it fit for him to ignore th ... life easier on him(the laws of Hades).There are, in today's society, certain circumstances which a citizen is justifiedin disobeying the law. The laws of today recognize certain offences may bejustif ...

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The similarites in Antigone and Creon

eon! Is there no man left in the world-' TeirsesiasGreek theatre played a large role in Greece. The citizens were supposed to learnfrom the mistakes made in tragedies. The citizens should have learned ... learnfrom the mistakes made in tragedies. The citizens should have learned what not to be likeas a citizen or person. In a Greek trilogy written by Sophocles there are two maincharacters, Antigone an ...

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Having a Gun

appeal to me.For the purpose of decreasing the crime rate, that wasthe top concern of the Ukrainian citizen, in 1994, somemisguided politicians in government adopted the legislationrepealing the previ ... orethe entire society.The Government justified this act by saying that itwould protect the innocent citizens. But it failed to evenentertain the notion that the enactment of this law wouldcome to prot ...

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Roman Society

e closer in equality through reforms. It was a long anddifficult process to be freed or to become a citizen of Rome and not manyaccomplished it. Plebeians and woman were thought of as worthless citize ... ressing four topics: plebeians versus. patricians, women, merchants and artisans,and slaves and non-citizens.When Rome established a republic in 509 B.C., two major classes developed.The patricians co ...

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Collective Thinking

roup minds,? is to question our position in society, and not to naively conclude that since ?I am a citizen of a free society?I am an individual, making individual choices.? Her proposal is valid. In ...

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Socrates on Athenian law and obedience

51b). Socrates believed this argument for the following reasons: 1) as a member of a society, each citizen had a responsibility and obligation to obey the laws of their society, 2) because the societ ... edience to that society and finally 3) by remaining in that society and being aware of its laws the citizen agrees to follow its rules and is therefore a contract. Some exceptions Socrates makes are: ...

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Do Athletes Show Us What is Right and Wrong?

ant outside of sports. Therefore, these athletes must control themselves much more than an ordinary citizen would. Everybody looks at them as athletes, but some look at these same athletes as role mod ...

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The struggle of women in the 20's century presents the life of Elizabeth Gregory Macgill

regory MacGill, known as " Elsie ", said. In fact, Elizabeth MacGill is a hero; she is a purposeful citizen who had done a lot to help Canadian women and other women in the world. She was the first wo ... , because she was the first woman in Canada to become an engineer, that led her to become a focused citizen who had done a lot to help Canadian women and others in the world to get a good education an ...

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A really short multi-paragraphed essay on Samuel Pepys role as a citizen of London, as a husband and as a master.

was head of a household that included a wife and several servants, making him play many roles.As a citizen of London, Pepys is witness to major events that are today seen as historically important. T ...

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An Analysis Of Why Jimmy Doyle (of Dubliners by James Joyce) Will Never Succeed

ce', by James Joyce in the book 'Dubliners', the main character,Jimmy Doyle will be an unproductive citizen, fooling around with his friends and livingoff of his father's money for the rest of his lif ...

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This is a take home mid term exam for history of western civ there is alot of good info in here

se absolutism lacked the financial and military resources to take total control over all aspects of citizen's lives. Constitutionalism differs from democracy because constitutionalism lacked the right ...

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"Fountain Head"

ic by doing so. Roark's lifestyle completely perpendiculates the mundane lifestyle that the average citizen lives. Roark conforms to only what he considers valid in his own conscience. The novel opens ...

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mon will not reduce factional conflict, but may actually increase because of a sense of injustice.A citizen in the strict sense is one who shares in making decisions and holding office. Citizenship is ... ng decisions and holding office. Citizenship is therefore essentially democratic, but the notion of citizenship in practice must differ according to the nature of the regime. Commonly speaking, howeve ...

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Multiculturalism in the US

adj. 1. Pertaining to the United States of America. 2. pertaining to North or South America. -n 1.a citizen of the United States. 2. an inhabitant of America. This definition is still unclear. What is ... e idea of understanding that a lot of people are Americans, people born and raised in the US. These citizens might not seem to be Americans, but they are as American as any American.     ...

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John Rawls and His Theories

tarianism by pointing out the impracticality of the theory. Mainly, in a society of utilitarians, a citizens rights could be completely ignored if injustice to this one citizen would benefit the rest ... wls terms 'The Original Position and Justification'. Rawls states that for this system to work, all citizens must see themselves as being behind a 'veil of ignorance'. By this he means that all decidi ...

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How will our future be? discribes the future perspective in short for computers and internet

here is no way I could be forced to believe otherwise. Our society today is made to decide if every citizen in Denmark should have some sort of card that you used for multiple things. Your health-insu ... d to inform you on all the things that you find interesting. To identify themselves they have their citizen-card plugged into the device. An agent is calling our net-computer. He wishes to inform us a ...

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Values of today

anything about todays society. This of coursecame as a shock. I had thought that I was an informed citizen but I now know otherwise.this enlightenment came at great cost in time, and effort. The time ...

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Al capone and the business of crime

criminal organization.Organized crime in the 19th century, was an ever booming scenefor the average citizen. Since the 19th century, crime andbusiness seemed to have gone hand in hand since the prohib ... eatenedby. This made Capone a very powerful individual and in turn hewas feared by many law abiding citizens. Capone's power in themafia then, is still entirely alive now in the structure of themafia. ...

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Shay's Rebellion and the Modern Militia

in the hands of the People.'-Tench Coxe, Pennsylvania Gazette, Feb. 20, 1788Throughout history the citizen making up militias and anti-government rebellions have all possessed similar characteristics ... rmed militias of the 1990's. The background, fears, and influence of the rebellious anti-government citizens of the Whiskey and Shay's Rebellion parallel with the recent politically far-right extremis ...

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John McCarthy

ives. It epitomizes the concepts of freedom, justice, and equal opportunity by giving rights toeach citizen and by protecting those rights throughout a fair judiciary system. It stands at the top of t ... orparticipation in school affairs, as vice president of the freshman class, president of the 'We're Citizens'society, member of the entertainment committee for the school Halloween party, and a candid ...

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