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Democracy is a form of government that is ruled by the people, usually through elected

representatives. It epitomizes the concepts of freedom, justice, and equal opportunity by giving rights to

each citizen and by protecting those rights throughout a fair judiciary system. It stands at the top of the

ladder of government evolution and allows a nation to prosper and grow. However, it has a very powerful

and unreasonable foe: communism. Communism in the post world war two era is a form of government

in which the people are ruled, used, and controlled by a totalitarian government. Its true form would give

the power to the people as well as the ownership of all property, but true communism could not be realized

outside of a perfect world. Unfortunately, many sought to chase the dream of true communism, causing

its presence to appear in territories disrupted by the war. That a government ruled by power and blind to

justice was growing created a paranoid fear among nationalists that the world would be dominated by

totalitarians and dictators.

However, this paranoia created a new, very potent fear that took precedence

over foreign problems: that the United States of America, the flagship of democracy, had been infiltrated

and subversively abused by communist spies and sympathizers, and that they were spying on us from

within our national government. Joe McCarthy, to whom a decade of fear was named, amplified this fear

through his numerous and extravagant charges that there were communists in the U. S. government. The

people listened to him because of the implications of this problem and because they received comfort in

knowing that a great man rose up in a crusade to rid the government of an evil pestilence. However, his

allegations created only suffering and chaos. His victims were,