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Essay by Anonymous UserA+, November 1996

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I just discovered that I don't know anything about todays society. This of course

came as a shock. I had thought that I was an informed citizen but I now know otherwise.

this enlightenment came at great cost in time, and effort. The time was spent in watching

television for an hour. The effort was to not lose my sanity for unlike any other hour of

TV, this time I was forced to actually watch the commercials. The values that TV

presents seem to be different than what I was taught as a child. Advertisers seem to

present their own version of morality and values. Their idea of morality might not

coincide with ours, but it does sell their products.

Wait, I just learned that if I buy my wife an anniversary band she will know that I

love her. But of course the band is a few thousand dollars.

Oh wait, easy financing is a

valuable. Darn I missed the small print that was flashed for two seconds on the bottom

of the screen. Oh well it must not have been important. Wont my wife love me even if I

can't afford to buy her this bracelet? I wonder if this is going to leave an impression on

anyone with an anniversary coming up? Could that be the intention?

If I want to enjoy work I had better listen to the lite fm 93.9., and for lunch I can

run out to Arby's for 99 cent roast beef sandwiches, but only for a limited time. And if

those roast beef sandwiches get me sick I can go to Osco and get some medicine

twenty-four hours a day. All of these ads just came rapid fire. Is this playing upon my

need for instant gratification? Are the advertisers trying to...