From The Dawn Of Time, Animals Have Helped To Shape Both Human Society And Human Imagination.

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"Life today as we know it is at a crucial point. We have brought ourselves to the point where change needs to be seriously considered. Attention to our society, our environment, our behavior, our values and our views must be examined and altered where need be. Questions need to be questioned. Are we really developing? Are we honestly improving our way of life not just for ourselves but also for our children to come? Are we one with our environment or are we hoping that someone else will clean up and take care of our mistakes? Are we taking care and respecting our planet? Or have we lost touch with the natural surroundings and moved away from the animals that we once long ago cared for as if they to were part of the family. Much thought must go into these questions for our environment as well as a fulfilling life depends on it."

Animals have enabled humankind to steadily rise from primitive conditions to a higher quality of life. Animals have indeed enabled civilization to develop. We can say that our state of living is owed to that of animals. They gave us the boost and carried us upon their shoulders through the centuries past. We owe our very existence to them but yet little gratitude is shown. They have been the propeller that has propelled us through history. Large domestic animals lead our ancestors away from hunting and gathering to more settled life styles. Shifting cultivation has become a thing of the past.

This revolution that has taken place has been brought about by the substitution of animals in our Western society. We use fossil fuels, hydro-electricity and nuclear fuels instead of animal power for cooking, lighting, heating, farm work and transport. Clothing material is being supplied...