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The word need means "a lack of something requisite or desirable (Funk & Wagnalls 94)." In this world there are many needs that have to be meet in order to survive. For example, we need food to replenish our bodies and shelter to keep us safe. But there are also other needs that we should try to apply to our lives. God should be at the top of our "need list."

Without God, nothing is possible. He has given us life and therefore we should do everything we can to honor and praise him for it. Prayer is important to God and it should be to us as well, for that is the only way we can communicate with Him. Therefore prayer should be a need. Through prayer, God can answer the questions we've been asking, and solve the problems that we may be going through. Prayer is a powerful gift that we can use anywhere and anytime.

Money is a need for certain areas of our life. We don't need a corvette for our transportation, however we do need some sort of transportation. Money can get us many wants, but it also fulfills our needs as well. That is why God has given us the ability to work. Work is a need that fulfills other needs. Without work, money can't be made, and shelter or food can't be provided. Work should do something that can be enjoyed because it's going to be done for most of everyone's life. However most Americans don't even like their job. If someone asks the question, "If you could do anything you wanted, what would you do?" that's what you should shrive to do. Doing something you don't want to do will change your attitude in a negative way, but if you work...