Secrets vs. the Truth

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A civilization based on fear, hatred, and cruelty would have a good chance in enduring. There are many people that agree that indeed it takes violence and hatred in order for a government to succeed. As in George Orwell's novel 1984, or the history behind Joseph Stalin, which demonstrates how installing fear in people and making them believe hate is a good factor for a government. Therefore, the traits can be included in having stable governments are fear, hatred, and cruelty.

Having hate can become very strong at some point, having fear in another persons hands can be very dangerous, and cruelty can become worse over time. These are a couple of things that make a lot of sense for a certain government to survive. The novel 1984 describes a character named Winston Smith, and the type of government he is forced to live with. He follows all of the government’s orders because he is afraid of what they call the "Thought Police", and he does not want to be vanished.

The government also orders to have hate for "Goldstein", who is basically the scapegoat for Oceania [the government]. Winston is afraid of standing up for himself and going against the government because he does not know what will happen to him if he does. Although, throughout the novel, eventually Winston starts to rebel little by little, but he later getsdiscovered by the government of his bad behavior. Instead of killing Winston physically, they kill his mind, meaning they changed him in the inside for the good of the government. The novel ends with Winston giving in and loving the government, making the point that they can succeed with fear, hatred, and cruelty. Another example is Joseph Stalin, and how he used his power with insufficient caution. His goal was...