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Autism is a mental condition characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people. With Autism fantasy dominates over reality. My next door naighbor, Gregory, has autism. Because of Lennie and Greg's disability to interact in human socialization they express themselves by caring for animals to recive affection from their pets. Gregory's dog Barney plays the same role as Lennie's rabbits.

Lennie and Greg make very easy targets for bullies, antagonists and trouble-makers. Luckily Greg has the protection of his parents and the community. Gregory is enrolled in a program that will provide for him untiil he becomes capible of handling his own life. Greg leads a very sad life: he has no one to talk to and no one to play with. I have known Greg for most of my life, and whenever I get the chance, I run across the street to talk to him and play with him for awhile.

Although Lennie can still connect with his peers, he does not have the intellect of a healthy, normal person. Lennie is not as lucky as Greg. He has the protection of his friend George, who although keeps him safe, cannot provide much support. Lennie is picked on by Curly, the menice of society, slanderized by the town and treated like the "village idiot".

Being excluded can hurt, no one wants to be rejected. There are many types of mental disabilities all across the world. They all share one simple characteristic, exclusion. In high school and in junior high school it can be tremendously hard to fit in, and a million times harder if you have a mental disability. All throughout life there is exclusion: there is no way to escape it. But it is how you deal with it that determines your success.