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On April 22nd 2006 30 new computers where donated to a Mississauga High School. The new computers where a reward donated because the school had achieved the highest Literacy test average in Ontario.

A Former student of Erindale Secondary School donated 30 brand new computers to the school for achieving the highest Literacy test results. The former student Mr.Tompson said " I remember using the old computers at Erindale."

The students at Erindale Had extremely high results from the 2006 literacy test, so former student Mr.Tompspn decided to reward the school by donating 30 new MDG Verison computers.

It was on April 22nd 2006 that the school received their donation. The computers where divided up by three and giving to 3 of the schools departments, special ed department, Business Department, and the Math department. "I hope that the students at Erindale can now use computers with out having to worrier about any computer issues."

The principle of the school Mr.Shaw awarded Mr.Tompson with a medial thankign him for his donation. After the computers where donated Mr.Tompson also decided to give the school $10000, to spend at their own will.

This kind donation goes to show that Erindale does a good job in bring up a mature adults like Mr.Tompson.