Causes of Marriage

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Have you ever thought that since human was created, whether they know or not why they do this, they feel the necessity of marriage? For some, this is a necessity of people living in social place -this includes whatever comes into your mind; hotels, cities, schools, in short every community is in this generalization. But if you want to reduce this generalization into some specific statements, I can tell you about some reasons about this issue. As for me, in general, causes of marriage can be gathered in three main causes; people can not live single-handedly, they marry to share some individual feelings and to help each other financially and morally.

Firstly, most of people marry because of their inborn feeling of get rid of loneliness that they have. Naturally, like animals, people can't live on their own. Because they are created as a two different genre which complete each other perfectly, so congenitally they seek for the right half part of them for their entire life.

This is a fact throughout the history, and most of legends reveal this thesis correctly; like Ferhat & Sirin, Leyla & Mecnun and so on. Both of them tried every way to reach their lovers, some succeeded these requests admirably, and some failed to do so.

Secondly, as I said before with some unknown instinct people can not live alone, so they have to share their inner characters and emotions with someone special for them, one that they could rely on for ever. Of course, every active part of a society, that is principally any of us, have some problems that can not be expressed or talked to anybody even ones in our family, except the one that you love. So to console this requirement / necessity everyone wants someone to...