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9 GoLd, 2007Fitness CircuitName: Basketball Fitness CircuitActivity/sport my circuit is targeting: BasketballFitness components used in this activity in order of importance:•Skill•Muscle•Endurance•Balance•Power•Speed•Agility•Strength•Co-ordinationLocation of circuit: school's gymTime at each station: one minuteRest between stations(if any): 30 seconds_______________________________________________________________STATIONSStation 1:Name: Shooting HoopsDescription:-Split into two teams with 2-4 on each side.

-Teams are lined up with the distance of about 5m from the hoop.

-Each pair competes in shooting for the first goal.

Components of fitness:-Speed-Skill-PowerEquipments needed:-Two balls to shoot-Two cones to mark the lines where they should be lining up behind.

Station 2:Name: DribblingDescription:-Two teams-One tries to dribble the ball to the other side while the other teams tries to dribble the ball away from them.

Components of fitness:-Speed-Agility-Balance-Co-ordinationEquipments needed: a ballStation 3:Name: JoggingDescriptions: Jog around the courtComponents of Fitness:-Strength-C.V endurance-MuscleStation 4:Name: Quick PassesDescription: Get into a pair and either use the methods of chest or bounce pass to you partner.

Components of fitness:-Power-Strength-C.V endurance-MuscleEquipments needed: a ballStation 5:Name: Basic TricksDescription:-Circle the ball around your waist.

-Bounce the ball around and between your legs.

-Circle the ball in and out of your legs.

Components of fitness:-Strength-C.V endurance-Balance-Co-ordination-SkillEquipment needed: a basketballStation 6:Name: Jumping the starsDescription: Attempt to do as many star jumps as you can for 15 seconds then run across to the other side and repeat.

Components of fitness:-Power-Strength-MuscleStation 7:Name: Cone SprintingDescription: Sprint between the conesComponents of Fitness:-Speed-AgilityEquipments needed: four conesStation 8:Name: Sit-ups + Push-upsDescriptions: Do five sit-ups, flips over and do another five push-ups. Repeat.

Components of Fitness:-Strength-Muscle-Power