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Marie PriceProfessor BartlettEnglish 1A27 February 2009An Interview with Ms. FloresMy observation and interview took place at Del Valle Elementary in La Puente with Ms. Flores and her second-grade classroom. The time spent was approximately three hours in the classroom, observing the classroom climate, the relationship between Ms. Flores and the students, the instructional techniques used student motivation, and the type of classroom management. I also conducted an interview, approximately thirty minutes, with Ms. Flores about her philosophy regarding teaching decisions such as teaching techniques, how to address diverse learners, discipline and motivation.

The relationships that the second grade students have with Ms. Flores and each other were based on the climate of the room. The classroom climate was very relaxed; the children were free to access all the different parts of the room (i.e. computer, books, individual tables, etc.), and this proved to allow them to work at their own pace.

The feeling in the classroom was warm and inviting. The room was vivid with posters and pictures on the wall, bulletin boards, and artwork hung up. The students' desks were put into five groups of four desks. This arrangement emphasized group work and encouraged students to work together during many in-class activities. The overall classroom climate encouraged the students.

Ms. Flores used various instructional techniques in the classroom. One of the main ways she taught was through modeling. When giving the students a new subject or idea, she would first show them using the board, a visual, or through her own speech. An example of modeling was helping teach a reading lesson. To help the students learn visually about the reading, Ms. Flores had them make pop-up books. She made one first to model how the book was supposed to look. The students were then encouraged to look...