Tomorrow when the war began: the value of solidarity with friends and when is it right to kill.

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The novel "Tomorrow when the war began" tells a story of seven teenagers and their amazing struggle to survive in a time of great crisis. The story is told through Ellie the main character and shows her hopes, fears and reactions to the war. It's a tale of great survival and this is shown through the great bond they develop and various themes like the value of solidarity with friends and when is it right to kill.

Before the war they are seven ordinary teenage friends, they feel they know each other well but the bond between them becomes so great they are like a family. The first sign of a bond forming between the group is shown on page 75 " Then homer made the unpopular suggestion. I think we should split up. There was a whispered howl of protest, if you can have that. It was different to Kevin and Corrie offering to go on their own before."

The group does not want to split up because they give each other strength and confidence but Homer gives reasons for them to split up. It takes a lot of strength and trust in each other to be able to split up and to place your life in the hands of your friends. Homer convinces them to split up on page 75 "Again two's better than seven. I hate to mention the fact, but five people free and two people locked up is a better equation then no people free and seven locked up."

Ellie's perspective on her friends and the war changes in a big way on page 81 when Ellie steps out of the protection of the dark and shadows and into the light of the showground. "I suddenly made myself leave the darkness and go...