Al capone and the business of crime

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Al Capone was an Italian criminal working the streets of

America. He started his life with petty crime in Brooklyn, New

York. After escalating his way up in Brooklyn, Capone moved to

Chicago for bigger and better things. There Capone had prominence

supremacy as one of the giant bootlegging forerunners. His

collected and composed ways, made crime into a business that we

see in today's mafia. Capone changed crime into a profession,

which in turn made it a business.

The word mob or mafia is a title that is often heard. When the

name Capone is associated with the title, most people think of

Capone as the true influence of the mob or mafia today. Capone

was a man who of the many prohibition leaders, lead the way for

the mafia in the early 19 hundreds. Due to the prohibition era,

Al Capone transformed the mafia into today's business like

criminal organization.

Organized crime in the 19th century, was an ever booming scene

for the average citizen. Since the 19th century, crime and

business seemed to have gone hand in hand since the prohibition

days of Capone. Long before Al Capone became involved in

bootlegging, his excitement in life was the economic opportunity

of being a gangster on the streets. As soon as Capone reached the

legal age of fourteen, he dropped out of school to live this

economic dream of making money as a gangster on the streets. 1.Al

Capone was convinced that the opportunities for personal

advancement and material success were not available through

legitimate means, and so Capone turned toward the crime

profession of bootlegging. Capone was a smart man with a mission.

2.His mission was to succeed as a criminal in a business like

matter. Although prohibition was clearly illegal, Capone used his...