RoboCop and a criminology theory

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IntroductionCrime has always fascinated people, when younger people see a superhero, they mainly see a human with superpowers and usually seen as fighting evil and crime and usually saves the day from the bad guys. A superhero can be in a comic strip to a cartoon to even on television and movies. There are male superheros such as Batman to the Phantom to even Superman are the main superheros, where as female superheros can be considered to be Wonder Woman, Cat Woman and even Superwoman.

For my report, the superhero I have chosen is RoboCop. In my report I am going to cover the history of RoboCop, RoboCop functions, why RoboCop was created and where it fits in the classical theory.

History of RoboCopRoboCop was created in 1986 by Edward Neumeier and Michael Miner which had 3 movies (RoboCop 1, RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3), several comic books, multiple video games, two animated series, dozens of action figures and two television series.

RoboCop's FunctionsThe Prime DirectivesRoboCop is programmed to follow four prime directives1.Serve the public trust2.Protect the innocent3.Uphold the law4.ClassifiedThe Classified directive was changed twice in RoboCop 1 and RoboCop3. In RoboCop 1 it was any attempt to arrest a senior OCP officer will result in a shutdown. In RoboCop3 it was changed to never oppose a OCP officer. (Wikipedia 2007)WeaponsRoboCop uses three main weapons during his cartoons, television and movies1.In the original RoboCop movie, RoboCop uses a modified Beretta 93R. This is the primary weapon that he used I this movie.

2.RoboCop received a new weapon for RoboCop 2, the Pauza P-50 caliber. It is smaller and more powerful than the weapon RoboCop used in RoboCop 1.

3.RoboCop 3 saw a new and more powerful weapon the 5.56mm NATO. He...