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e changing. Cameras that watch over public places and use face recognition technology to search for bad guys may become more widespread since the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. Cameras at ai ... nt someone to see our picture somewhere? If we have nothing to hide than what does it matter if the bad guys are caught?"There's a pretty strong public attitude that maybe we have to sacrifice some le ...

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It's in his mouth, a study on Chow Yun-Fat

ently cool than the shot of Chow, a gun ineach hand, sliding down a stair banister blasting a dozen badguys while letting his toothpick hang just so from the sideof his mouth. In God of Gamblers, Chow ... ere is more: in one scene from Prison onFire, Chow is Cary Grant taking a dump. He's gotta go prettybadly, he's shitting and farting and talking to a fellowinmate, all at the same time, he's waving aw ...

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The Clash of Titans

ble questions. When the church had the greatest power, men and women of science were viewed as the 'bad guys.' In most cases it was safer to believe in the church and their ideas, in order not to be e ... y recognition in a society dominated by religion. The men and women of science were considered the 'bad guys,' yet they continued to press their ideas until people took notice of them and realized tha ...

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This is a character analysis on the narator of edgar allan poe's "tell-tale heart"

y, it can be deducted that the narrator is a man. In Mr. Poe's life, the men were often seen as the bad guys because of the harsh way his step father and employers treated him.The narrator is a madman ...

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a comparision of genre conventions and their effect on the audience in sections of "Enemy of the state" and "Dont Say a Word"

e" and "Don't Say a Word"These sections of film are both where the protagonist is contacted by the "Bad Guys" for the first time- in "Don't Say a Word", the section is from when Nathan is looking for ... gged belongings remind us of where they are for the future references in the film.Both contain the "Bad Guy" with blue filters; to connote coldness and low-key lighting, with is used to show hidden id ...

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"Greasy Lake", by T. Coraghessan Boyle, and the writing techniques that were used to develop the theme and meaning.

ear aspect of respect and fear from others, people at one time or another have felt the "good to be bad" feeling. I speak from personal experience myself, for I have wanted to be one of the "bad guys" ... e myself, for I have wanted to be one of the "bad guys" on more than one occasion. Though I'm not a bad person, there are times when I have tried to make myself more "bad" than I really was. One insta ...

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Bad Habits on the Boob tube

Bad Habits on the Boob TubeA major topic of conversation nowadays is, does violence on television ca ... d will behave in a violent manner. For example, television's teen Rangers kick, punch and knock out bad guys like non other. The show that i am talking about is called "The Mighty Morphin Power Ranger ... Rangers" has on children. According to this article, the "helmeted lycra covered Rangers" act as a bad influence on children. Many parents have to realize that their children try to act like the teen ...

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This is an essay explaining the movie AMerican History X and its inpact on the writer.

ersons but we only see it from the victims' point of view. In this film we get to take part in the "bad guys" lives. Things that's happened in their childhood, family life and the point being insecure ...

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l, tall, or short. You even get to name your Toon! You can have six Toons on one file. Cogs are the bad guys and they cant take a joke. They do mean things to you and make your health go down and then ...

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. Judges, politicians, and lawyers are in a quandary what rules to apply.Unlike Western movies, the bad guys in the Internet don't always wear black hats. Cyberporn, crackers, worm, e-commerce, copyri ... o come. Some say that censorship of the controversial part of the Internet will squelch most of the bad. Some say that this is unethical and impossible. However if the problem isn't resolved, these is ...

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Positive effects of television on young children.

Television is constantly being criticised as being bad for children. One of the first arguments to come up is the effect that violent TV has on childre ... ght to hit, but television says it's OK to bite, hit, or kick if you're the good guy. And even the "bad guys" on TV are rarely held responsible or punished for their actions.The images children absorb ...

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Film Influences on Society.

society. People like to be like their role models. So people might want to go out and kill all the "bad guys" because they think that it will make them cool or just like whoever they are trying to be. ...

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Hero Essay

h or without supernatural powers, and regardless of whether or not they save the day and defeat the bad guys. Its important to realize that it is not possible to win each and every time . Every person ... rophic event that befalls them. Mahatma Gandhi did not have super powers, and he did not pummel the bad guys into repentance for terrorizing cities, he didn't fly around with a cape, and he was not th ...

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Science Fiction Essay - "Planet of the Apes": There should scientific elements that are to be considered, use them in your essay if you can.

cters in Planet of the Apes would be that the good guys are not considered to be as powerful as the bad guys. The good characters "Taylor" and his crew start out with nothing apart from their emergenc ... crew start out with nothing apart from their emergency boxes and their wrecked space ship. But the bad characters like for example "Dr Zeis" his henchmen are given every possible weapon to hunt down ...

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Star Wars: A myth, legend, and fairytale.

struggle between good and evil; the force and its dark side. There are good guys (Luke Skywalker), bad guys(Darth Vader), roguish characters(Han Solo), and the pet-like characters(Chewbacca and the d ...

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Nine Reasons to Become an Evil Villain (Comedy)

e with a career in villainy.3. All of a sudden, you will have the budget for all kinds of toysSuper bad guys are never broke. Not only are they never broke but they always have more resources than the ...

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Good and Evil in Rappaccini and Chillingworth

Various individuals in Hawthorne's novels seem to have a good and bad aspect of character. These people help show a deeper side of human nature; they show that everyo ... hese people help show a deeper side of human nature; they show that everyone has some good and some bad. Even the 'bad guys' of the stories have some good in them. Chillingworth and Rappaccini in Nath ... Firstly, he seems to care more for science than anything else. While the love of knowledge is not a bad thing, Rappaccini takes his passion to far. According to Professor Baglioni,"[Rappaccini] cares ...

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Middle-Eastern Depictions in the Media

ing 'Middle-Easterners and terrorists' in the same category. Arabs constantly being depicted as the bad guys who are trying to somehow harm the hero of the show only reinforces this idea more into the ... in American movies and television?Arabs are always shown as the opposing force, also known as, "the bad guys". They are usually shown as either filthy-rich sex maniacs or as evil men using some sort o ...

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RoboCop and a criminology theory

man with superpowers and usually seen as fighting evil and crime and usually saves the day from the bad guys. A superhero can be in a comic strip to a cartoon to even on television and movies. There a ...

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alous of anybody either. The plot is different too. First the story isn't very romantic. They're no bad guys or evil people. Last no one got defeated like other stories. The likes in the story ...

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