This is an essay explaining the movie AMerican History X and its inpact on the writer.

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This film is a very good film. It shows us what causes people to hate other races and ethnic groups. Normally we hear about people killing, robbing and abusing other persons but we only see it from the victims' point of view. In this film we get to take part in the "bad guys" lives. Things that's happened in their childhood, family life and the point being insecure of themselves causes them to do the horrible things that we see in this movie. The nazi youth here have a manipulative leader, and it's easy for him to get these kids to tag a long with him because they don't know what they want to do with their lives. I don't think it's really hatred these kids feel against Negroes, Hispanics and Asians, but they need to loose the pressure of things they have inside and unfortunately they're the ones they take it out on.

It's all hate without a good reason and Derek, that we get to meet in the movie, finally sees how stupid it all is. I think this movie shows us this very good, but it doesn't make me feel sympathy with the Nazis but understanding them better.

It's an important film because it can help people to understand what's going on in a Nazis mind. By understanding them it's easier for other people to help them. The movie can also make parents and youth see the brutality and danger that comes a long by being in such an environment. It can alert family and relatives if they have kids that hangs in nazi gangs and get them out of it before it goes any further. Kids that see this movie and are a member of a group like this, might stop up and question themselves for...