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Toontown is a very fun game. It is on the Computer at You get to make your own toon! You can make the head a Mouse, Dog, Horse, Rabbit, or Cat. You can make your Toon Fat or skinny.You can make him or her very tall, tall, or short. You even get to name your Toon! You can have six Toons on one file. Cogs are the bad guys and they cant take a joke. They do mean things to you and make your health go down and then you will be sad, you want to a happy toon. You use Gags to kill the cogs. You do toontask to get more Gags,Health,Etc.. You can make friends on toontown with other people playing and you can make secret friends too and you can chat with them. If you do all the toontasks you go to cog Hq.

You have to beat a certain number of factories to get a cog disguise. Then you have to go in the Big Cog factory with your Cog disguise on. Then when you beat the V.P. Cog you beat the game! Toontown isn't that easy but it is fun! There are Throw, Squirt, Toon-Up, Drop, Lure, Trap, and Sound gags.