Hardware Paper: What method of data input would be best. Explain what method of output would be best for certain situations.

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Hardware PaperThere are many concepts in the world of computing that can sometimes seem to be quite overwhelming. Data input, data output, storage devices and computer speeds are just some of the concepts that may easily confuse the end user. There is usually more than one way of doing things, all of which depend on the individual situation at hand, it is important to have a good amount of information before making a decision when it comes to anything computer related.

Data InputPrinted questionnaires are easily imputed through the use of an optical data reader and software that can determine the answers. Schools have been using this sort of data input for standardized tests, which scans and grades each test in the matter of seconds, instead of having to be manually graded. This same technology would work fell for questionnaires, as it can pull the data and then even populate a database.

Telephone surveys are different because answers can be imputed as the answer is given. The surveying person would just have to have survey database software in front of them as they are doing the survey, once they are done they would be able to submit and the database would be complete. The best data input source for bank checks would be the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition device (MICR), as checks are now all printed with the special character sets to be read by both the MICR device as well as by people. Point of Sale devices (POS) are the best data input sources for retail tags, as they scan the item and enter the sales information directly into the computer system, helping keep track of inventory and even buying trends. For long documents, the most accurate method of data input would be scanning the document into a computer...