Will The CD/Record Store Soon Disappear?

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What is MP3 technology?

What other similar technologies are currently being developed?

What impact does this technology have at present and what impact will it have in the future?

Will the CD Record store soon disappear?

What are the societal concerns?



MP3 technology has made life a whole lot easier for music listeners. It has been accepted for its wide variety of benefits. These include the practicality of file sharing and the collection of music data on a personal computer. Nowadays the average computer can hold up to 1000 albums and can rip a 4 minute track from a CD in under a minute. MP3's combined with an ADSL broadband connection make person-to-person file sharing almost as fast as ripping and with the introduction of ADSL2 this process will be even faster; and if the convenience of file sharing was not enough, its all free! If your song/s can be found on a file sharing server, what is the point of wasting your money at a record store?

Some sound wave frequencies are inaudible by the human ear.

The MP3 format compresses a music file's size by taking these sounds out of the track. The result is a track, which contains far less information than the original, but has lost hardly any audible quality. The minute size makes it possible to store, transport and play these files on a portable storage device that can fit into the palm of your hand. This device is aptly named an MP3 player and may contain a flash memory or a more powerful miniature hard disk. An MP3 player will generally hold more than 5GB (more than 1000 songs.) It may seem astounding but, computer technology is evolving at a rapid rate and recently 'Apple'...