Star Wars: A myth, legend, and fairytale.

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Star Wars is not just a legend, myth, or a fairytale. It is all of these and more. It shows the battle between good and evil, a characteristic of a myth. It shows a teenager coming of age in a long quest, a characteristic of a legend. And it also has magical elements which are characteristics of fairy tales. Star Wars takes the ideas from many stories in history and puts them together to make one of the most popular tales of our time.

Myths are timeless. They are archetypal and can be seen in the world today. There are many archetypes in Star Wars. They include the eternal struggle between good and evil; the force and its dark side. There are good guys (Luke Skywalker), bad guys(Darth Vader), roguish characters(Han Solo), and the pet-like characters(Chewbacca and the droids). They all form together to make an epic party.

Aside from these characters, there are the ones that symbolize the eternal powers. Obi-Wan and the emperor are two of the largest characters in the trilogy even though they only make a few appearances each.

The original trilogy is also like a legend. Luke goes from a farm boy to a celebrated hero of the galaxy. Star Wars reflects on the legend of Robin Hood. The empire is ruled by harsh, oppressing rulers. A teenager of noble birth is forced to leave his home, goes to live among the rebels, and leads them to the defeat of the empire.

Star Wars contains elements from fairy tales, too. There is a larger than life character that begins as an average boy. He starts off not knowing his powers. He is the son of one of the strongest, darkest, and most evil man in the galaxy, but he still has...