"Tunnel" Essay          Sarah Ellis' main character, Ken, in her

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"Tunnel" Essay Sarah Ellis' main character, Ken, in her short story intitled "Tunnel" is a study of a reliable, responsible, and brave young teenager. Ellis' characterization of Ken reveals his teen life, and also provides insight with regards to his later life, and compliments upon his change in attitude towards life, from being wild and adventurous to having a summer job as a babysitter. Throughout the story the characterization of Ken is detailed and clear.

Not all teens are responsible, but some are. In this case, Ken is a very responsible teen. "I sometimes take care of my cousin" pg. 44. Ken is a very responsible young man who is a baby-sitter. It can be seen that he is a responsible character for the duration of the story. He is always alert and watching out for the children he is tending to, "Ib walks along the rail, holding my hand" pg.

46. He is a very aware person, "I grab her. 'Hey! Hold it..."you" can't go..." pg. 47. He is very trustworthy and reliable. He sometimes even appears to be almost overly protective while looking after young children.

People learn to face their fears and become braver. On certain ocassions it is more difficult than others, "By this time I had peed my pants" pg. 47. In Sarah Ellis' short story, Ken faces a problem that involves great amounts of fear and bravery. "She slipped. She knocked her head. Child drowns in four inches of bath water.... I have to go in" pg. 48. He finds it difficult to cope with this problem, though it is a matter of great importance and he focuses and tries his best to avoid these fears and find the strength within himself. "I happen to suffer from claustrophobia." pg. 48.