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Bambinger Bambinger is worthy of our respect. He was giving some suggestions to the boy's mother and one of them were, " A boy can't do his studies and listen to the wireless at the same time." (Richler, PG 250) Bambinger is a caring man and he was only looking out for the best interest of the boy. Despite the child not being his he was still concerned for him. He still was concerned for him. He believed in children having good study habits, Bambinger did not want to get the narrator into trouble. Furthermore, Bambinger did what he could for his family, " One day he came home with a suit from a fire sale for his boy and on another he purchased an ancient washing machine and set to repairing it himself. He picked up a table and chairs at an auction and bought a reconditioned vacuum cleaner at a bazaar.

All these, and other articles, he stored in the shed"¦" (Richler, PG 253) Bambinger cared a lot about his family; he did what he could for them. He was waiting for his family to seek refuge with him. In the mean time he was trying to make everything perfect. He would buy anything that he thought they would need. He loved his family dearly and wanted everything for them. He looked out for the people close to him and tried his best to be a good person.