Effects Of Alcoholism Of The Children Of Alcoholics

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Introduction This topic was discussed to bring to light the growing problems associated with the children of alcoholics. Alcoholic parents have a profound effect on their children. From conception onwards, a parent's alcoholism will impact their lives. While in the womb a child may be afflicted with fetal alcohol syndrome. Other implications may manifest themselves later in life foe example the child may have an addictive personality, may become co-dependent on the alcoholic, and may become a compulsive liar. In addition to these psychological effects the family unit is also affected. The family will allow it to begin and maintain this alcoholism and as a result the family may become dysfunctional, and could possibly separate, unless readily available help, our solutions are sought out.

Sociological Definitions Co-Dependence on the Alcoholic- the condition of the family members who are not alcoholics. They may become dependent by paying attention to the alcoholic than they do to themselves.

Alcoholic- one inflicted with the disease of alcoholism. This disease is characterized by the compulsion to drink. Alcoholics are people who cannot who cannot control their drinking and whose drinking interferes with their day to day lived, provoking problems and conflict that get worse as time goes on (1985 Ryerson 2) Fetal Alcohol Syndrome- when the expecting mother has consumed alcohol during the pregnancy this syndrome may occur. Symptoms include physical and emotional abnormalities.

Compulsive Liar- one who feels the need to lie, may begin by constantly having to lie to cover up parents alcoholism.

Dysfunctional- a family that does not fill the typical family mould, some serious problems have arose and caused the family to stray from the norm, i.e. alcoholism.

Review of Literature Fetal Alcohol Syndrome found in the adult children of alcoholics (FAS) Physical Effects include: low nasal bridge, short palpebral...