The Effects of the American Revolution

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The Effects of the American Revolution upon American Society

Between 1775 and 1800, the American Revolution played a significant role in the development of America through strengthening or weakening each of the following: the American economy with its taxation and insufficient amount of currency, the American legal system with its institution of the electoral college and constitution, and the American culture with its views on racial and gender equality. Although the war lasted a mere eight years, the Revolution lasted well over a "century and half" and its effects are still present today. Feelings of mutiny even presided in many of the early settlers, who went through great trouble to distance themselves from England for their independence (Bailey and Kennedy, 121). The American Revolution greatly influenced American society by shaping an economically stable and independent country that has triumphed despite many hardships.

When the revolutionary war ended, the American economy weakened, as there was a shortage of currency and trade.

This is contrary to the generally held belief that American economy prospered after the revolution because of the influx of taxes. After the war ended in 1786, Britain exported an abundance of cheap goods to America, which was disadvantageous to American industries. In 1784, Spain closed off its Mississippi River to all American commerce, and it claimed territory near the Gulf of Mexico that was originally given to America by Britain. Ironically, this land was ceded by Britain so as to entice America away from its alliance with France. The United States was deterred from controlling its nation because of the restless Indians, who were actually encouraged to do so by France and England (175). The Indians supported Britain because they believed that if they won, American expansion into the West would cease, and they could save their Indian land...